Emily Thompson

Finders Keepers: Shopping Websites We Love


We’ll be the first to admit it: we’re busy, and we often don’t have the time to devote an entire afternoon to shopping leisurely and eyeing fab window displays. Sometimes, we’re on the hunt for something specific, or in a need-it-now kind of mood. In those moments, we turn to our other favorite shopping destination: the Internet. Thankfully, new websites abound these days to help connect us shopaholics with exactly what we’re looking for – and in some cases, at a discount. For those fashionistas who are also fiscally savvy and busy keeping an eye on their bottom line, this is a win-win. Our own research indicates that 62% of women say they plan their clothing purchases, according to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey, which means an arsenal of go-to websites can only help. Below, a few of our favorites. Where do you turn when you’re shopping online?


Hukkster: Frankly, we’re a little disappointed we didn’t come up with this idea ourselves, because the premise is genius. Save items in your size to a wish-list, and Hukkster emails you when they go on sale. That’s it. So when those distressed cuffed boyfriend jeans you’ve been eyeing suddenly drop in price, well, you’ll be first in line.

TheFind: Researching prices online has possibly never been easier, thanks to TheFind.com, which lets you search for products across different websites to track the best price. Sign up for an account so it can track your previous purchases – and then suggest items just right for you.

Trendabl: It’s always fun to check Instagram or Twitter to see what our fashion-forward friends are wearing. Trendabl one-ups that, by making it possible to shop the look. Color us impressed.

Fancy: Love Pinterest, but want to shop more? Try Fancy, which has a similarly clean aesthetic but is more closely geared towards e-commerce. Discover beautiful things, save them to a wish-list, or buy them – all in one easy place.

Ariel Barron

Warmer Weather Wears


three looks

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite 85 degrees and sunny yet but the slightly warmer weather has us so excited that spring is just around the corner! We stepped out on 5th avenue in New York City to do some cotton shopping for the season and came back with some amazing looks. A fitted black pencil skirt looks adorably casual when paired with a lightweight cotton button-down and a denim jacket. For a more dressed up look, we paired the same skirt with a royal blue tee and tweed jacket. The cotton possibilities are endless this spring. Which look is your favorite?

Ariel Barron

Spring Trend Alert: Overalls

Overall lovin'
Overall lovin’ by cottonfashion on Polyvore

What’s next–  neon track suits, Velcro sneakers and boom boxes?  We’re as surprised as you are to see that overalls, a popular 90′s trend, are making a comeback but we’re even more surprised that we don’t hate it! While this design takes a lot of guts to pull off, this classic silhouette has been revamped into a whole new look we’re just loving. It’s no wonder many fashion bloggers are out there sporting this denim style.

Whether you’re pairing it with a basic tank and ballet flats or a structured cotton blouse and wedges, the overall trend has been popping up in every store. Not only do they look comfortable and easy to wear but they also scream trend-setting confidence. So we have to ask you: what do you think about this renewed 90′s trend? Yay or nay?